Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Art night in SF

Carlos, Alysa and I went to SF last weekend to check out the ESPO, Yumiko Kayukawa and Mike Giant (all different galleries)...was pretty cool...
ESPO at White Walls Gallery


...more ESPO

Alysa and me!

Awesome work by Yumiko

Look at the cute details she does in her it!
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Carlos and his beer bag...ended up getting an autograph by ESPO himself!
We'll need to frame the bag now :)

Mike Giant...

Unknown artist but love the animal heads on human bodies.

Another unknown artist...look at the amazing detail!

Mike Giant!

Some random guy that was having a great time with us. Carlos gave him a beer...

Our friend's bear t-shirt had a nose piercing on it!

LOOOVEV greek food...

Mariana and I went to Mountain View a few weekends ago to have lunch and do a little shopping. I think I could eat Greek food everyday!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Sorry I've been out of touch for sooo long! Ever since I've been temping for this semiconductor job, I've been too tired to post anything to my blog.

As for my art...I've taken a break since the Black and Brown show...thank you sooo much for those who came out to the show and especially to those who bought one of my paintings! I sold a total of 9 paintings! yeahhh!

In one large summary, below are some photos of what's been going on the last couple weeks!

Banana pancakes my awesome friend, Alysa, made me Sunday morning...Carlos and I have a Halloween party Saturday night and with the time change, my clock was all off. I woke up the next day at 1pm with a major headache but Alysa fixed that for me real quick!

Beautiful Alysa! We were out in Alviso taking some fashion shots a couple weeks ago for her blog:

Halloween day. My sister and I dressed up the doggies just for fun...they didn't like it so much!

Hot dog Revs

Bruce Lee Zephyr

Business man Sabbath

Japantown Halloween festivities

Art nights at Empire Seven Studios

Great friends at last month's Empire Seven Studios art opening

Last month's art opening at Empire Seven Studios, Certified Participants...check out for more info and photos.

Sister day in San Francisco with how the sidewalks of SF are glittery...can't tell in this photo though... we ate, shopped and most importantly, went to the SF MOMA to see the Richard Avedon photography show...if you haven't seen it, you MUST before it comes down at the end of November...I almost cried!

Here are also some other random photos of us messin' around while in the Museum...we thought it would be funny since everyone is so frickin' serious! Geez! People need to lighten up!

WE HEART Richard Avedon!!!