Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It was my friend's birthday last weekend and I didn't really know what to get her. I couldn't go wrong with painting a portrait of her lil baby Sookie. I've never met her before but with the help of my sister's photos and some other references, I was able to pull it off. The challenge was that Sookie is a all black pom but I actually was able to make it work.

Zeph waiting for the possibility of receiving more treats! He knows exactly where they're stored!

Revs wants nothing more than to be as close as possible to me. What a mama's boy!

Went to 2 Buck Tuesdays at Kaleid Gallery last week. It was one of those SUPER hot summer nights. The space was even more hot and stuff but there was a lot of awesome work and great vibes from artists and supporters. We ran into our friend Jessica who did a couple music acts with her buddy (below). This was probably the highlight of my evening. I didn't realize she was so talented!

There's something visually pleasing to see old mailboxes side by side with their own characters.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SubZero Festival

Thanks again for coming out to support at the SubZero Festival. Had a super time and sold some pieces. We had a great mix of our artist friends sharing the Empire Seven Studios booth. I love San Jose and all the great artists we have!

For more photos, visit Empire Seven Studios.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Etsy Craft Party: Craft on-a-stick

Get your party pants on! PeepThread and The Cheddar Guppies are hosting a San Jose Etsy Craft Party on Friday June 10th. Where: Roy’s Station in San Jose, CA
When: Friday June 10th from 4pm to 7pm
Why: Last year, over 5,000 people participated in over 500 meetups from Dallas to Romania, and this year the goal is for over 15,000 people to share in the spirit of Craft Party
What: The theme is “Craft on-a-stick”. At this event, you will be able to make awesome photobooth props and put them on sticks. The best part? You can pose with your creation in their photobooth!

Join the event Meet-Up Group to RSVP and get the scoop

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Art shows and prepping for SubZero

Last week Carlos and I went to the art reception (curated by Kathryn Funk) held at Bill Gould's Art/Architecture bldg in South San Jose. Mingled, saw some great work, ate some tapas and saw this awesome dog chillin on his owner's shoulder. He seemed to not care but then again wonder if he just didn't want to fall off!

Below are a couple pieces

Below is a piece I finally finished last night. I had it almost done but just needed a couple things to finalize. You can't tell in this photo but the gorilla's tooth is gold! Bling bling!

Took a group shot of the pieces I will be selling at the SubZero festival this Friday night from 6pm-midnight. Stop by the Empire Seven Studios booth!

For more info: