Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Friday...

The Ahn Sisters, along with Carlos Araujo, Sean Boyles, Roan Victor and Pellet, will be at the SubZero festival this Friday night from 6pm til late. We'll be at the Empire Seven Studios booth. We'll be selling artwork, prints, buttons, t-shirts....come by and say hello (and purchase a piece...hee, hee).

For more info: http://www.subzerofestival.com/

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flowers, tofu and sombreros!

Last weekend, went to Cost Plus and bought a couple new placemats! Love the design and matches my place lovely! Also my awesome sister bought me some fresh flowers from Trader Joes. They have such a great selection at super affordable prices. Had my sister and a few friends to catch up and have a light lunch.

If you've never had Korean food, now it the time to try something new! Here is a photo of panchan....side dishes that you eat with your rice and main courses. A group of us went to eat at Myung Dong Tofu Cabin in Santa Clara.

Growing up, I should've really take advantage of learning how to cook Korean food. It's not too late but it's definitely a learning process. My mom knows how to make a lot of things but my grandmother was traditional and did things the old school ways. These days you can easily go to the local Korean market and purchase things that are ready made.

Soon Tofu soup! Warms up your belly and gives you that spicy kick!

And saving the best for last! My two nephews, Jeff, Sabbath (pink/red hats) and lil son, Zeph (yellow hat). Orale vato! Wassa happenin!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I heart my babies!


Here's a couple new paintings I finished last night. A new cat character. Trying to incorporate new details as I go along. You might not be able to see but I added a small gold line along the borders. It's was just that small detail that made my pieces look complete. More to come as I have about 5 other ones I've been working on the same time.

Here are some beautiful flowers from my nephews for Mother's Day. I never really care for fresh-cut flowers but lately I've been obsessed with how pretty they are.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 summary to present

Sucks that I haven't been able to post much due to my computer being down right now. I downloaded all the photos I've had on my camera since the beginning of this year to my boyfriend's computer for the time being. I don't know where this year has gone so far but time is a flying by! Before we know it, it'll be summer. It's been so cold for sucha long time, I actually can't wait for the warm weather! 

Well for now, I'll have to depend on the photos I take with my phone to update my blog. Will need to take my computer to the geek lab at the Apple store soon. Been avoiding it....worried how much it might cost me to fix whatever issue my computer is having. 

Earlier this year, a group of us went to see Tommy Guerrero up in SF. Was such a sick show. Never saw him live and absolutely loved it!

In lieu of Valentine's Day, I put together a dinner for my girls. For the love of great friends! I became crafty and made personalized heart names and gave each girl a small vase with a paper flower I made. 

This is what the end of a night of kareoke looks like when we've all had a bit too much to drink! Was a happy birthday for my buddy Jimmy!

Chihuahua love! This was Zephyr's birthday night. He turned 6 years young. Invited his auntie, uncle and cousins over for dinner. 

Decided to get crafty again for my sister's birthday dinner back in February. Made her felt donuts to put as decor/centerpieces. 

While I was in the felt mood, made my sister a t-bone steak and some bacon. Got some white paper to wrap the finished pieces and put a USA grade choice sticker. Just like fresh out of the meat shop.

Finished donuts!

Part favor give-aways. Each packet had a glass-shaped heart, two buttons and some M&M candies.


Went to Oakland's huge yearly sale and it was so amazing. Bought me a vintage lamp for $6, dress for $4 and a winter coat for $6.

Carlos' work-in-progess pieces! love!!

Here is a new charecter I painted for the San Jose Made show a couple months ago. I sold three paintings, each at $20. Contact me if you want a certain animal painted. I take custom orders!
My email is jenniferahn8@yahoo.com

Sorry this is sideways, I don't have a program on my boyfriend's laptop to transform. 

Our booth at the San Jose Made show....it was the Ahn Sisters, Roan Victor and Sean Boyles. 

From a wedding...

Performance by Pat Parra at Empire Seven Studios!

These are some photos from my girl and I's fiesta birthday bbq we had last April. Made the decor (not the pinata) and had a great time!

My sister and I with our staches!

Sheryl and Rocco sportin the mini sombrero and mustache!

This artist is amazing! I remember seeing his stuff online and went I went to the ICA last Friday Friday, I was surprised to see his work! His name is Dalton Ghetti. He creates these miniature sculptures from the lead of pencils! Truely amazing!

Bill and my mom. My sister and I took them out for breakfast for Mother's Day.
Love them.