Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This past weekend, my sister and I went to SF to pick up some photos we had in a show,
ate lunch at the Metreon and looked at some clothes.

Nancy, me and Mariana at the Art Party

At the Studios, Carlos and I have have new friends.
The mamma cat had babies and the whole family (mamma plus 3-4 youngsters) hang out with us.


4 out of 5 of the Lady Birds

2nd Annual Pedals and Pumps

Me and Alysa

Bill and me at my birthday dinner. Bill has always been a dad to me.

My dad who passed away a couple years ago will always be my no. 1....however, there's no comparison between my two dads. I couldn't be luckier to have two such great men in my life.

My girl, Mariana shares the same special birthday as I do, April 26th! We went to Opas in Los Gatos with a bunch of chicks to celebrate her day. I had beef kabobs and fries with tons of feta cheese!
Happy birthday to Mariana!

The painting I made just for Mariana

Carlos and I went to a art show at the Citadel a couple months ago. What the hell is this??
I was so grossed out!

Carlos, Alex and I went to the Capital Flea...Alex is cruzin on his new bike!

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  1. Awesome...post:) i developed photos for you and nancy. i will have to drop them off! Love my B-Day painting.