Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello Hello Hello....

It's been a month or two now that my sister and her husband adopted Jeffrey. He's so adorable! We think he's a chihuahua/corgi mix. He's so lucky....livin' the spoiled life!
Labor Day weekend was a chance for Carlos and I to check out Manik and his group at the Agenda. Never been to Reggae night (due to it being on Sundays) and I had sucha a great time!

Carlos and I after a few drinks! Can you face is red!
Mmm! We made Braised Oxtail which cooked for 3 hours. Used my new Wolfgang Puck large pot!
Next, will try to make Pho, Braised Short Ribs and Pozole!
Nancy, Bill and I took our mom to SFO last weekend. She's off to Korea for 3 weeks! It's only been 1 week and it seems like it's been a century! We miss her so much when she's not here. We've been spending more time with Bill to keep him company. Love them so much!
Chillin at South First Fridays...

Stopped by Campbell to support our buddies doing live painting...

My lil' Zeph!
...and Revs!

Owl collection.
Succulents doing well and growing....if I had a yard, I'd have nothing but an assortment of these plants! So easy to take care of!
Couple weekends ago went to Capital Flea and found me some great composers
(Mozart, Beethoven and Bach). I knew in my mind I'd want to spray paint them gold!
I LOVE the Capital Flea! So many people think the Berryessa flea is so great but that's NOT
a flea market anymore since they took away people selling their "junk"

It's tradition for Carlos and I to get salami and baguette when we go to the flea from a awesome vietnamese man! I don't like beer but I even had a sip with my "sandwich"

I attempted to make my own version of Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza and the results were more than what was expected! I even bought the sauce from Safeway! Operation was a success!

My kids watching some tv while I was chilling getting some rest.

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  1. hahaha!
    what are zeph & revs watching in that last photo???