Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flowers, tofu and sombreros!

Last weekend, went to Cost Plus and bought a couple new placemats! Love the design and matches my place lovely! Also my awesome sister bought me some fresh flowers from Trader Joes. They have such a great selection at super affordable prices. Had my sister and a few friends to catch up and have a light lunch.

If you've never had Korean food, now it the time to try something new! Here is a photo of panchan....side dishes that you eat with your rice and main courses. A group of us went to eat at Myung Dong Tofu Cabin in Santa Clara.

Growing up, I should've really take advantage of learning how to cook Korean food. It's not too late but it's definitely a learning process. My mom knows how to make a lot of things but my grandmother was traditional and did things the old school ways. These days you can easily go to the local Korean market and purchase things that are ready made.

Soon Tofu soup! Warms up your belly and gives you that spicy kick!

And saving the best for last! My two nephews, Jeff, Sabbath (pink/red hats) and lil son, Zeph (yellow hat). Orale vato! Wassa happenin!

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