Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It was my friend's birthday last weekend and I didn't really know what to get her. I couldn't go wrong with painting a portrait of her lil baby Sookie. I've never met her before but with the help of my sister's photos and some other references, I was able to pull it off. The challenge was that Sookie is a all black pom but I actually was able to make it work.

Zeph waiting for the possibility of receiving more treats! He knows exactly where they're stored!

Revs wants nothing more than to be as close as possible to me. What a mama's boy!

Went to 2 Buck Tuesdays at Kaleid Gallery last week. It was one of those SUPER hot summer nights. The space was even more hot and stuff but there was a lot of awesome work and great vibes from artists and supporters. We ran into our friend Jessica who did a couple music acts with her buddy (below). This was probably the highlight of my evening. I didn't realize she was so talented!

There's something visually pleasing to see old mailboxes side by side with their own characters.

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