Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bike riding....

Today was a very physical day! My sister and I got up at 5am to go running, I came back home and then got up again to go bike riding all the way to Los Gatos with my honey, Carlos and my friend Alysa. I don't think I've ever rode so far! At one point I felt like turning back around but I kept going....didn't want to give up. There were a couple uphills but I didn't want to get off my bike because then I would feel like I wasn't trying my best. I put my bike into first gear and rode slowly until I got to the top. Carlos even came back around to give me a helping hand by pushing me a little...

Once I made it past the uphill, I knew I made it past the hardest part. I'm so proud of myself! Didn't have a chance to take any time!

Here's a random photo of a alley cat I took behind Empire Seven Studios.


  1. luckyyyyyy.
    while you guys were on a biking expedition, i was stuck in a cube typing on a computer all day. i hate being a grown-up. :|

  2. i know....i might as well enjoy it as long as it can last....i do miss working though and knowing i can go shopping...that's excercise too!