Friday, July 31, 2009

Tag I'm it...

I wasn't tagged by anyone but here I go...

what is your current obsession?

finding a new career and creating art.

what's your horoscope and how do you relate to it?

All that glitters is not gold. If it seems too good to be true today, then it is.


Sometimes you need to nudge the skeptical part of your mind and make sure that it's paying attention -- and today is definitely one of those times! Something's not quite right, and you should see it for what it is.

My response on how I relate to it: WTF? Whatever...

what are you wearing today?
My "I'm at home day today" denim sundress with paint on it.

what was the last thing you bought?
OPI nail polish from Sephora...coral color and Laura Mercier powder....actually didn't buy since I used my birthday gift card.  

what's for dinner?
Possibly PHO....don't know just yet.

what is your favorite decade?
70's and 90' the cars and clothing from the 70's, love the hip hop music from the 90's!

what are your "must haves" for fall?
I would have to say boots and a cute handbag in a deep red or purple with gold hardware

are you a cat or dog person?
Both but probably more a dog person. Some cats scare me.

what is your favorite piece of clothing?
My grey pleated skirt!

what do you do and what is your dream job?
Currently, I'm unemployed while making artwork on the dream job would be to actually make money off of my artwork!

I also love to eat so something that involves food would be awesome!

what do you consider a fashion faux pas?
pants that have a stupid word written across the back
an outfit that's all one pattern...for example, all leopard print (including accessories!)
outfits that match the color of shoes, accessories and nail polish
outfits that create a muffin top....ladies! just get the one size larger and you'll actually look slimmer! 

describe your personal style.
a little bit of everything my way.

three styling tips that always work for you.
compact is a must!
lip gloss

what are you looking forward to?
the rest of my life! I'm thankful for what I DO have vs. what I DON'T have....


  1. sister, please. both sheryl and i tagged you. :)

  2. Even though you did get tagged but you thought you didn't, I am glad you did it any ways. Just say no to muffin tops unless you can eat them.