Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New animals...

Here's my late night work station in my living room, as I watch tv. I usually will paint there or upstairs in the loft, where the rest of my stuff is.

I just finished a couple of "series" I started last week. Hamsters, inspired by the movie BOLT and some Rhinos. These will be put into the upcoming show I'll be having with my lovely sis at Black & Brown. The opening is Saturday, Oct. 3rd....look out for the flyer. Soon to be announced!

p.s. The whale painting is just something I felt like doing and the bird you see to the upper left is also another series I'm working on....not yet complete.


  1. ahhahah! i paint in front of the tv too. all my paints, brushes, EVERYTHING migrate onto the coffee table (even though i have a whole room just for painting). the hubs hates it. cute new paintings btw. i'd love to see a close up of the bird! you should post it!!

  2. Hey! Actually if you go to one of my previous blog archives (July) and scroll down, you'll see it more in detail... Thanks for the support! I'm doing walruses next!