Monday, September 7, 2009


This Thursday will be one year from when my dad passed away due to years of dealing with emphysema. My dad was a great man that taught me everything I know today...especially to work hard, cherish my family and to have great pride for my Korean background. I never wanted to imagine what it would be like without him in my life. Last year, everything happened so fast, my sister and I didn't have time to really grasp what was going on. 'Til this day, we feel like he's gonna call us and let us know he's back from a long vacation.

Last year, we laid his ashes in the Southern California's part of the Pacific Ocean, where my grandmother is. My sister and I live in Northern California and will be planning to go to Santa Cruz, where we can visit my dad...the way we see it, he's anywhere within the Pacific Ocean for us to visit and it will be nice to have some time with him.