Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Black and Brown...

So here's some photos from last Saturday's art show: Roots, the Ahn Sisters. My sister and I worked effortlessly to get this show done in one month. Through endless late nights and fighting the flu, we made it! I sold 9 paintings and my sister sold 5 drawings! Thanks everyone for your support!

The Louis Vuitton clutch you see me holding was my treat to myself for all the hard work. Got it on ebay and it's totally authentic.

I think I'm gonna put my paint brush down now and pick up my poor neglected camera. First and foremost, I am still a photographer. Painting was something I wanted to explore and totally love. But, my darkroom has turned into a storage room and my camera is collecting dust.

I just realized I'm in most of these photos...I got camera happy that night.

Nancy and me...sister love!
Lovely ladies of Black and Brown, Monesha and Jamie
More beautiful friends, Van, my sister, Mercedes and me!
Me and my honey
Jai and Vu!
Carlos and Ben
Mario and his soft whippet, Gino
Lovely, Laura and Natasha!

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  1. you looked sooo purdy!!! Congrats on a successful show!