Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crafts, food and doggies

I love my sister. She's family and my best friend. We're twins with 5 years in between us. :)

My babies.
Revs (on the left) was taken to the vet last weekend because he wasn't being his cheerful self. For some reason he hunched his back, his neck went stiff and he was literally frowning. It was on and off all week so I finally went to the vet. He really wasn't 100% sure what it could be. Revs will be on meds for a couple weeks and from there only time will tell. Prayin' and keeping my fingers crossed it's nothing serious.

Revs lying on my stomach. He loves to use me as his pillow.

Revs and Jeff playing. When my sister first adopted Jeffrey, Revs didn't care that much for him. It was almost like he was jealous since he wasn't the new one in the group. I think it was about a week or two before Revs showed his affection for Jeff. The two of them have the weirdest way to play with each other. They do this thing where their faces are touching side by side.

Here is a project my sister thought of. She saw this little bbq pit from Cost Plus and thought it would be cute to turn it into a planter with succulents for our mom. Since there were large holes for the bbq heat, we had to buy some mess material to lay down before we put soil...otherwise, the soil would've leaked to the bottom. Below is the final outcome and our mom LOVED it!


Exotic flower my sister and I saw in SF.

Crepe paper flowers I made for my mom's birthday dinner. I used to make these flowers with tissue paper but when I was up in the City, I found crepe paper and they work so much nicer!

This little liquor store on the east side has the best burgers! For $5 you can get a burger, fries and a can soda pop. I'm not sure if they use butter or lard to crisp up the inside of the buns but it's complete heaven!
Below is a photo. They also have the best bean burritos!

BBQ top sirloin and green onions at my place! Had my sister and her husband over. What a meatfest!

Boats off of Fort Mason in SF. This is where we went last weekend for the Renegade Craft Faire. Was so much fun hangin in beautiful weather with my sister.

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  1. we are twins!!! just born 5 years apart. :) love you sister!