Friday, April 8, 2011

Art and Food


Pineapple chili sauce drumsticks with parmesan/cheeze-it cracker topped mac n cheese!

Button display we created. First sets of buttons Nancy and I made with our new button makin' machine!

Finished paintings in time for the San Jose Made show.

Paintings in progress....

Treats my guy made from stuff we got at the Campbell Farmer's Market.

I really love the Campbell Roasting Company's food and coffee. One Sunday morning, Carlos and I picked up Nancy and Vu to go to the Farmer's Market. We stopped by to get some coffee and breakfast. I had the BEST vanilla latte with a cheese bagel!

Goodie finds from the Farmer's market! MMM!

Vu, Nancy and I....

The best place to get late night sandwiches late night! It's a vietnamese owned liquor store called Campbell Liqour & Deli, which is located diagonally from the On the Corner Record shop in Campbell (on Campbell Ave).

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