Friday, April 8, 2011

Steal my heart

For those who don't know, this is my lil' Zephyr. I got him when he was about 6 months old (photo below) and now he's 6 years old! How time flys. He's a little warrior as he's been through some health issues in 2010. I was so terrified not knowing what could potentially happen. He's been off his meds since last Fall and so far doing great ("knock on wood").

I dread the thought of when he'll be gone one day. The best thing I can do is to continue to give him the best life he could ever have!

About 3 years ago, my boyfriend and I got Revs (to the left below). My sister, her husband and Sabbath (their dog) moved out so I wanted to get a brother for Zephyr. Revs is definitely a bundle of energy. We don't know his exact breed since he was rescued. Zephyr wasn't too sure what to make of a new edition to our home but it didn't take long before the two became best friends.

Below is a painting I did for my sister as a birthday gift. His name is Sabbath. Growing up my dad LOVED sister and I didn't really care for this breed but little did we know this would change. Sabbath is the first chihuahua that became a part of our family. It's because of him, the chihuahua family grew.

The newest edition to my sister and her husband's family is Jeffrey. Below is a second painting I did for my sis' birthday gift.

Some randomness....

Below is a photo of my step-grandfather in college football. Pretty cool, eh? We think he's the one on the lower left sitting down.

Some donuts I made for my sister's birthday dinner with the gals.

Progress of my Jeff painting while my boyfriend is playing video games.

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