Monday, April 18, 2011


I just posted this same thing on the E7S blog but figured to repost on my own personal blog as well. ...

Sandra and Crockett made a visit to E7S on Sunday to show some of the older and newer work. We met them a couple years ago just outside of SF's Renegade Craft Faire and saw the amazing talent in their collaborative pieces. Bought some of their work and I've been following them ever since. Last week Sandra sent out a email saying they were selling some of their work and I jumped on it!

Carlos bought me a buncha of their pieces for my upcoming birthday. Yipee!

Carlos and I will let you know when they'll showcase in San Jose! These guys are definitely someone to watch.
Their next show is in Portland. For more info:

Last week, Carlos, Pat, Katie and I went to have Ethiopian food at Mundai. So delicious! We ordered a vegetarian dish that had the most tasty beans and a lamb dish!

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