Friday, April 29, 2011

Sabbath and Jeffrey

What can I say, I love my nephews. This is Jeffrey (above)...the newest edition to the family (he joined last year). Funny. I can't see our lives without him. He's such a personality.

My sister and I are crazy. We have nothing but photos of the dogs in our phone. We love them so much and proud to show them off.

If it wasn't for Sabbath (below and named after Black Sabbath), we wouldn't have started this chihuahua craze. Before him, we were not that fond of smaller dogs. Growing up, we had golden retrievers in the family so anything smaller seemed weird.

My dad ALWAYS loved nothing but chihuahuas and I remember I used to tell him I didn't like that breed because they were too small. Enjoy the rest of the photos of my nephews!

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  1. hehehe!!!
    i LOVE my dog-children (which includes my dog-nephews)!